We were running down the drive way playing chasey. Rylee and I were making tayah laugh she was looking back at us and she ran straite into a bin her cry turned into  a laugh. She got right back up and keept on running latter that day we sat down we were exsorsted I looked at tayahs legs and there was blood everywhere she had graxed Her self everywhere.

Mission day reflection

Tayah Kiara and Lucy and I did a big disco. We called it, CRAZY HOUSE. We are very proud of how many people we got in how much money we raised. We can improve on being more organised because we were a bit late on opening our stall. I think next time we called take control the people because things got broken and people got a bit wild. I learnt that raising money and organising a disco is a big responsibility.

Big ideas reflection

I think our sharing session………

I think our workshop was great because we had a back up plan because Kiaras iPad died so we had to perform live

what could we work on next time………

i think we could be a bit more organised because we did not know we were going to present but we got every thing ready

what was the most interesting thing you found in your research………

i think it was how many wars australia was involved in 

i used my  invesigation  time………..

i think i used it very well because i had lots info to show 



RE reflection


When the priest baptises he puts oil and water on your hard.


Reconciliation is when you confess you sins to God


Conformation is linked to Baptism


If you get married you have to truly love someone and they have to love you back

Anointing of the sick

The Anointing of the sick is administered to bring spiritual and even physical strength during an allnes, especially near time of death it is most likely to be one of the last sacraments you will reseve.

Holy orders

Holy orders is when a man has done all their 7 sacraments and can become a prisit 

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